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Are you a medical educator, scientist, researcher, or healthcare provider with an idea that could potentially improve the knowledge of the medical community and improve patients' lives? These are key ingredients we consider for our education and research grant programs.

What types of financial support does BI provide?

We offer two main types of funding opportunities to advance the knowledge and understanding of science and patient care:

External Research Grants

Externally-sponsored scientific research grants play an important role in advancing science and expanding knowledge related to our company's products and/or therapeutic areas. Available to all U.S. investigators who are interested in applying for support of independently or collaboratively developed research, BI's external research grants include:

Investigator Initiated Studies (IIS) for qualified academic and community-based scientists or consortia who are interested in independently proposing and conducting their own research.
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External Collaborative Research (ECR) to support clinical or health outcomes studies where Boehringer lngelheim may contribute to the study design.
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Medical Education Grants

At BI, we encourage innovative, unbiased, high-quality medical education that bridges the clinical and practice gaps and improves knowledge, skills, and behaviors in healthcare. A medical education program provides education for healthcare professionals, patients, payers and systems and empowers us to further the advancement of medicine and healthcare. BI's medical education grants include:

Independent Medical Education (IME) Grants to further the advancement of medicine and healthcare.
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Quality Improvement Education (QIE) Grants, which examine educational methodologies and approaches that address clinical performance measures or quality indicators aligned to National Quality Priorities.
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Scientific Advancement Grants (SAG) to advance knowledge and understanding of basic, pre-clinical outcomes and/or clinical science and to further scientific awareness and technologies for public health and welfare.
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Visit our dedicated grants and funding website, Lectrona to learn more.

We look forward to hearing from you and learning about your ideas.